Modern Worship Service

A Worship Experience For Everyone

Village Baptist Church have two worship venues for people to choose. One service, with a choir, begin at 10:15 am and meets in the main building worship center. The other service, with a band, begin at 10:30 am and meets in the McMurrain Center (north of the main building across the parking lot from Welcome Center).  

The reason behind a modern worship service

Our society is seeing a rise in the number and influence of the millennial generation (ages 13-33) and this  includes the neighborhoods that surround Village Baptist. We understand that many people prefer a more relaxed worship experience- and utilizing our McMurrain Center allows us to have a time of fellowship with friends as they share a cup of coffee and a muffin before gathering for praise and worship.  At the same time- we believe that meeting together on Sunday mornings at 10:30 gives families the chance to come at 9:00 am and have a place of Bible Study for every member of their family- taking great care of their children and then providing mom and dad a chance to be in a group of their peers (building community and direction) to see what God might be saying to them through His Word.

Remember, we have people from babies into their 60s that are a part of our Modern Worship already- so it has broad appeal.

Our “classic” service is a mainstay for Village Baptist and will continue- but we also want to make a deeper and wider connection, reaching new people with a fresh, positive approach to worship and celebration.

The kind of teaching you will receive at The Village@ The McMurrain 

Modern Worship is creative.  It is more than just our band leading in praise and worship- and our Pastor offering preaching from God’s Word.  That’s where we start- and we add in an interactive experience of you considering what God’s Word is saying to you, a time of individual and shared prayer and time to fellowship, laugh and smile with fellow believers.  And- if you are seeking what God is all about and who His Son Jesus is- you’ll fit right in- we promise a relaxed, positive opportunity to worship for everyone in our community.

Building community is important for The Village@ The McMurrain

 Modern Worship at Village will also interact with you in unique ways via social media and other venues- for example, we are planning a chance for you to respond to relevant questions that set the stage for that Sunday’s message- sometimes before Sunday- sometimes on Sunday and then sometimes after you have experienced a message from God’s Word.

What really matters in Worship. 


Village Modern Worship at the McMurrain Center begins with fellowship at approximately 10:15, with worship and praise to kick off at 10:30 AM.  If you have younger children, three or younger, you will want to come closer to 10:15 or just before to get them settled in our child care that is provided.

The McMurrain Center is located just south of the May and Hefner intersection in northwest Oklahoma City- parking is available on the east side of the building and a brand new entrance to the building is available on that side of the building as well. If you know where our main church building is because of our steeple- the McMurrain Center is just north across our parking lot from that building.

We look forward to celebrating God each Sunday in our Modern Worship- and we look forward to you joining us one Sunday very soon- Village Modern Worship at the McMurrain Center- 10:30 AM. 


The Village Revolution