Only He Saves
A Relationship With JESUS Begins With The Simple Acronym A-B-C:
A. Admit you are a sinner in need of His forgiveness, grace, & love
-you committed sin against your Creator, a Holy God Who will forgive if you seek Him
-grace is God’s unmerited favor towards you, you cannot earn salvation by doing “good works”
-accept the free gift of salvation (eternal relationship with God) offered in Jesus Christ alone
B. Believe in your heart that Jesus is Who He claimed to be and died for your sins
-trust that Jesus’ death on the Cross paid the penalty for your sin and the whole world
-trust that Jesus defeated the wages of sin & death with the resurrection (Jesus lives today!)
-trust that Jesus keeps you eternally secure, NOTHING! can separate you from His love           
C. Confess with your mouth He is Lord and commit your life to Him
-your life is not yours, it belongs to Jesus because He is your King (this is devotion)
-you are to live as Jesus prescribes, He teaches us how to live in His Word the Bible
-your passion is to make Jesus famous, to tell everyone about Him and enlarge His Kingdom
Follow up: Got Questions? Contact the Shepherding Staff or our Deacons at and we would be honored to help you take the next steps in becoming a follower of Jesus Christ (a disciple) by training you in God’s Word the Bible, teaching you how to pray, becoming part of a local Bible-believing church, and leading you to share your faith in King Jesus.